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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Craps: Lesson 2

For those new to this blog and want to learn how to play craps, go back a few posts and read Craps: Lesson 1 For everyone else, a quick review.  In Lesson 1, we discussed the first bet you make (on the Pass Line) when the puck or button is OFF (more commonly called the "come out roll") as this is the beginning of a shooters roll.

If you remember, your Pass Line bet WINS (even money, or one chip for one chip) on a 7 or 11 and loses on a 2, 3 or 12 on this "come out roll". 

If any other number is rolled the puck is turned ON and placed on that number, we now call that number the POINT.  This changes the game drastically and now your PASS LINE bet becomes that number.  What I mean is, that number must be rolled a second time for you to win or your bet will lose if a seven is rolled before that number. 

For instance, if a six is rolled on the "come out roll", the puck is turned ON and placed on the six and your PASS LINE bet is now the six; the stick-person will usually say "the point is six".  Now, you win if a six is rolled before a seven - that's it.  No other numbers matter; when the point is the six, you win on a six, lose on a seven.

If either the POINT is rolled or a seven rolls (either you win or lose), the puck is then turned OFF and the process starts all over again.

Lesson 3 will discuss the next thing you must do, as soon as a POINT is established. Your next bet is the most important bet you can make at a craps table !  It is called "taking the odds" and you place an additional bet one inch behind your original PASS LINE bet. You will receive true casino odds on this bet.   Lets stop here and stay tuned for LESSON 3.

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