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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pit Bull vs Golden Retriever

To clarify my intentions quickly, this is not a post about what breed of dog to buy or what kind of pet I like best. No this is instead a personality (people wise) issue.

The other evening I played "pit boss" for a multi-table Las Vegas themed event in a private home. The client requested a "pit boss" to oversee all the dealers (all four of them, lol) and "handle the crowd".   I knew my dealers were on their "A" game and the young crowd (most under 40) to go along with the open bar was my responsibility to "manage".

In a real casino the "pit boss" is usually the gray haired, experienced, scary looking, gruff and serious manager of all the dealers and tables in a large area, commonly called the pit. He (or she) walks around and is feared by most of the managers and dealers, has very little interaction with anyone unless . . .  so the less the "pit boss" interacts with anyone the happier everyone is. "Pit Bosses" are sometimes characterized as pit bulls, for once they get angry (or notice a mistake / irregularity) - everyone best be warned.

I, on the other hand, am more like a golden retriever when it comes to my management style. Not that I lick anyone or am that obedient, but rather the softer approach is usually my preferred tactic.  I prefer to be ones "friend" first, fight fire with sugar, and smile rather than bite

The other night, all the dealers were extremely professional and competent, the guests were wonderful (enjoying without excess the open bar and exquisite food) and the evening went along without any issues.

Playing "pit boss" at a fun event like this allows me to act much more like a golden retriever than a pit bull . . . just the way I prefer my pets as well.

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