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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blackjack Strategies

The most popular table game in any casino is BLACKJACK.  This is the first game most people learn and is many times referred to as simply "21". 

To play Blackjack is quite easy.  To play "winning" Blackjack is a bit more difficult, just a bit though.  To increase you chances of "winning" more consistently, you MUST follow basic Blackjack strategies. 

Here are a couple of things to ALWAYS remember: 
a) you are only playing against the DEALER
b) the dealer must hit (take a card) on 16 and stand (can not take a card) at 17
c) NEVER take insurance when offered
d) ALWAYS follow the basic strategies

YES, you can print one out yourself and bring it to the table - it is NOT illegal to do so. 

As for betting strategies; stay within your budget (money management is ALWAYS the key to winning).  If you are a nickel bettor ($ 5), fine - follow the strategies; if you play for higher amounts, fine - follow the basic strategies - not the "feeling in your GUT" !

For the beginners, dont let any "expert" player intimidate you, tell you how to play or make you feel uncomfortable.  There are many "bullies" that play Blackjack  and most of them DO NOT follow the basic strategies and don't "win" often.  They end up blaming any other players on their "bad luck", they blame the last person at the table (anchor) or sometimes the first person at the table.  Don't listen to them !  Play your game and follow the basic strategies.

Here's a quick fact: over the long run, you will win 50% of the hands you play (and lose 50% of the others).  We do not count pushes (as in a tie) where no money exchanges hands.  So in your 50% of winning hands you must take advantage of the doubling and splitting correctly, giving you a higher rate of return of those hands - thereby allowing you to "win" more.

That's it - follow the basic strategies of Blackjack and have fun "winning" more often !

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