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Sunday, November 14, 2010

the First Myth

There are many myths surrounding the misconceptions in planning a casino themed party or poker tournament. 

The first Myth is that these events are ILLEGAL.  While statewide gambling is only "legal" in three states (Las Vegas, New Jersey and now Pennsylvania); Casino Nights events are conducted very differently.

The main difference is that at ALL our events we use chips with NO denomination printed on them.  There is NO CASH allowed on any of our tables.  There are several ways to handle this seemingly odd concept.

I guess it is fair to say right now that if you have ever attended a casino themed party or Las Vegas night event you understand what I mean, for others who are new to this concept let me explain a little further.

The exchange of cash is done at a central location, entrance area of your event and is only used as a "donation" to your event.  Because we also use non-denominational chips at our tables, the amount they receive at the gaming tables have no connection to the donation.  Depending on your fund-raising goals that fee will vary greatly.  For example, you may ask each guest to pay $ 50.00 for a token to be taken to any of the gaming tables for exchange for a value of 5000 in chips. 

If your event is strictly for FUN, then all guests receive chips at every table to play as they wish.  Many times we utilize raffle tickets at the end of an event to "reward" those that have accumulated the most chips, or prizes that have been donated.

Poker or Blackjack tournaments are run the same way.  Individuals will pay to enter the tournament, all players recieve the same amount of chips and play begins.  Winners are usually given prizes for their efforts, either provided by us or the host (donations are obviously advised).

So, there you have it.  Casino Nights parties are LEGAL, FUN, and can be PROFITABLE for your organization.

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