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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blackjack Tournament

Many of you are familiar with a Texas Hold'em (poker) tournament, where players pay a fee and play until one player has all the chips.  Typically a tournament can last upwards of three or four hours (depending on the number of players and how the blinds are structured).  A big question that is asked at ALL of these tournaments is what do the players do once they are eliminated.  Many times side games are developed and other times players just leave.

CASINO NIGHTS can arrange for either the traditional Texas Hold'em tournament or assist you in planning a Blackjack Tournament.

A BLACKJACK Tournament is run rather differently, can be more FUN and exciting for more players and your organization can actually raise MORE money.  Here is how this works.

1) you need fewer tables than poker; if you expect 100 players you only need four blackjack tables (10-12 if it is poker) saving you hundreds of dollars

2)  the same buy-in concept works as in Texas Hold'em; though only seven (7) players play at each table

3) each round of play consists of TEN blackjack hands only ! Takes about fifteen minutes and the person with the most chips at the end of ten hands is the winner of that round.

4) Numerous rounds are played, allowing more players to play more often.

5) the winners of each round are posted on a board.  Many players can opt to play in several rounds (buying in again to play).  For instance, $ 10 dollars gets one round, $ 25 gets three, $ 50 gets seven etc

6) after a couple of hours and many many "winners", a playoff begins (no buy in required); all previous winners will then play against each other to determine a final winner.

7) prizes can be awarded to the top players, raffle tickets can be issued, or just a winner take all as in poker

8) with this system; the excitement lasts the entire event for more players, play is constant and quick and because each round only takes about fifteen minutes, the timing of your event is more structured.

For more FUN for more guests and potentially MORE MONEY for your organization, a Blackjack Tournament is an option to explore for your next CASINO NIGHTS event.

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