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Friday, November 12, 2010

Where, when, how it all started

The question most people ask me is "How did I get started dealing" ? The short answer is that I took a Blackjack class a couple of years ago at a school called The East Coast Gaming Institute in Tampa Florida.

I have always been good with numbers, have done my fair share of gambling and thought this would be a "fun" class to take.

The class was fun but also hard work. Six weeks and 120 hours of cutting cheques (pronounced checks though non casino people call them chips), "sizing in", shuffling cards "the right way", walking my game, using my left and right hands "correctly" and calculating the most unusual payoffs for blackjack; I graduated tops in my class. Ok, yes there were only four of us, so stop laughing.

From there I was invited to take the most challenging of classes; CRAPS ! That class was brutal ! Fourteen of us started the class and only five graduated, including me. That will be another story for another time.

During the gap from ending Blackjack and beginning Craps, I was taught how to deal Texas Hold'em by a former WSOP (World Series of Poker) dealer; for both tournamnet and "cash" style games. Along the way, a Blackjack tournament was introduced and now that is my new favorite.

I shall discuss the merits of a Blackjack tournament for your next event in a subsequent post as well.

So, with my official state license in hand, many years of organizing and planning events such as a the Checker Challenge, BG Days in Buffalo Grove Illinois, numerous fundraisers for the United Way and Rotary International and so many birthday parties for my daughter I decided to merge all my talents and join forces with CASINO NIGHTS

Casino Nights has been around for about 20 years in providing the gulf coast of Florida with the most FUN in Las Vegas style events. We also have in our arsenal the largest selection of video and pinball games, air hockey and foosball tables, including over fifty gaming tables to maximize your fund-raising efforts.

So, that is my story and here I am. The next party you consider, make it a CASINO NIGHTS event.

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